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my horse is my life. plain and simple.

Minus the skipped changes and one break, it went well. (:

  -  7 May, 2012
I start horse shopping again soon.

I love my horse to death, and we’re still getting around and winning. But let’s face it, I won’t have him forever. He can still clear four foot like it’s nothing, but I want him to be around for a long time. So I’ve begun looking around for a second horse. Something big and young, to take the stress off my old man. I might even lease him out in barn. There is no better equitation horse than my man.


Just got that “I STILL LOVE YOU OMGZ I MISS YOU” text. Not sure how I’m supposed to respond other than, “Whore, I moved on.”

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Wow that was quick!

1. What discipline do you do, and what’s your favorite thing about that discipline?
I do hunters, jumpers, aaaand equitation. I do the adult amateur hunter mostly with my former big eq horse. I really really love the jumpers though, though I have this huge fear of going blank in the middle of a course.

5. Do you show? How often?
Between one and four times a month during the regular season, all depends on money at the time. When I’m at like HITS I normally show once or twice a week. But I haven’t been to HITS in two years.

6. What upcoming event are you most excited for?
$3,000 hunter derby! My horse isn’t the greatest mover in the world, but he does have a pretty decent tuck so I think we might be able to come home with some money. (:

12. What has your main riding struggle been?
My injuries. Both riding related and not. I have stress fractures through both my ankles that prevent me from putting my heel down as far as I’d like to without bursting into tears. Pretty much ruined my equitation career. My heel will occasionally come up if something happens and I’m in pain. It’s involuntary. I have an acute case of short term memory loss as well so I will occasionally forget where I’m going in the middle of a long course. Never happened at a show yet, knock on wood. I have a bad knee and a bad shoulder too. Blech.

16. What are your horse’s “colors”?
Burgundy. My horse’s color is definitely burgundy. He looks amazing in it. He gets all decked out in it for the jumpers and he looks adorbs. I also like to put him in pink and purple because it’s really manly…you know. He has all sorts of stuff though. He’s got teal splint boots, every color polos you can imagine, it’s pretty bad. I’m obsessed with putting crazy colors on my pony.

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